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Picture Framing
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Framing Options

At Callista Frames we do all kinds of framing including:

  1.  Box Framing
  2. Classic Frames
  3. Clothing Frames
  4. Kids Room Framing
  5. Glass Box Frames
  6. Shadow Box Frames
  7. Shirt Frames
  8. Large Frames
  9. Mirror Frames
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Your framing requirements are in good hands with us three. We have been framing for many years and all three of us have worked closely together on small projects and large ones!

John, framing in our workshop
Ferdi Bam working at Callista Frames
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Our main focus is the framing of certificates, photos, art and mirrors. We also make custom high quality artist canvas and do printing of photos on stretch canvas.

We can do restorations on broken frames and replace glass or mirrors in frames.

Last but not least we also stock leading local art and art supplies.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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